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Tapioca drinks from Neuchâtel

Bon thé is a company based in Neuchâtel offering sophisticated drinks with the famous Tapioca, also called bubble tea.our drink-trailer will be there where you need it


Bon thé est une société basée à Neuchâtel offrant des boissons sophistiquées à base de Tapioca, également appelé "bubble tea". Notre "drink-trailer" sera là où vous en avez besoin

Boissons au Tapioca de Neuchâtel


For your event, birthday, party or event, we are here to accompany with our drinks appreciated by everyone

Pour votre événement, anniversaire, fête ou manifestation, nous sommes là pour vous accompagner avec nos boissons appréciées par tout le monde

Screenshot 2023-02-08 162515.png

Our dinks / Nos boissons

Milk tea

classic milk tea, chestnut milk tea, sesame milk tea, crème brûlée milk tea, mint butterfly milk tea, jasmine milk tea

Tea with fruit

red grapefruit, the orange, passion fruit, lemon, Happy fruits


matcha Frappuccino, oreo  Frappuccino, strawberry cheezy, mango cheezy, grape cheeey

Milk & Tea

Ma matcha, the ovaltine, the chestnuts, the Grey cloud, grape cheeey, White peach Oolong Tea, Rose Oolong Tea

Coffee & Tea

Coffee milk tea, coffee mint milk tea, Coffee Frappuccino, matcha mocha, vanilla coffee milk tea, Caramel coffee milk tea, Thématique Coffee

The healthy special

Americano, Oat milk tea, Coconut Oat coffee, Vanilla Frappuccino, Coffee, Protein


Amazing choice

The Perfect Choice


Fruit summer drink

Served in summer


Coffee lovers

Rich and crunchy


The great one

Green and braun

Nos Bubble-gaufres



Neuchâtel, Switzerland


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